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Acrylic laser cutting machine, also known as advertising laser engraving machine, the equipment is not only for acrylic processing, like the advertising industry’s two-color version, PVC version and other general. There are many kinds of acrylic materials, imports and domestic differ greatly, imported plexiglass cut out very smooth, some domestic impurities are too much, will blister. Acrylic cutting generally uses a low-speed machine, because the laser tube power is not very large, and thin material precision requirements are relatively high. The general speed does not exceed 3 m / min.

Accuracy and requirements

Acrylic laser cutting machine generally has a limit on the thickness of the material, the domestic laser tube power is generally below 400 watts processing material thickness below 40mm. Can be broadly speaking, that is, the laser tube power to determine the thinness of the processed material. Sometimes, customers need to add paper or add film cutting, when the wind can not be too small, otherwise it will catch fire. When cutting plexiglass speed and light intensity must match well, the slower the speed, the smoothness is not better. 15mm or more plexiglass is best to use imported high-power lasers. Plexiglass carving with a leaky jet cup, try not to carve too deep, carve too deep is difficult to reach the bottom flatness, the more gas will affect the carving edge effect, to carve more fine and clear, can not be too deep and blowing small gas.

Equipment Features

1、Patented design for fast change of laser focus, automatic home position setting function, standard industrial interface, powerful and stable performance.
2、The control system uses the most advanced DSP controller, and the mechanical system has stable performance.
3, according to different needs standard with different power of CO2 laser, excellent performance to price ratio.
4、Adopt three-way reflection system and linear guide structure, so that the light knife runs smoothly and the engraving/cutting accuracy is high.
5、Adopt microcomputer control laser machine operation, processing width, fast speed, simple process, easy to operate.
6、The use of two sets of higher power laser generation system, according to the design of the graphics in the computer, not only can simultaneously out of the light on the shoe fabric for batch processing, but also can be a separate full width of the cutting and punching processing.
7、Adopting double-headed inter-shift type electric control moving structure, it can easily set the distance between two laser heads according to the width of the cutting fabric, which greatly saves the fabric.
8、Specialized processing width and crawler type working platform for shoe material fabric, more reflecting the professionalism of this model in shoe material processing.

Equipment Applications

Specific applications include acrylic signs, plexiglass trophies, luminous word production, crystal word production, plexiglass display stands, transparent cases, packaging boxes, etc.

Maintenance Guide

In the process of using acrylic laser cutting machine, in order to safety and protection, in order to efficient production, the vital thing is the routine safety maintenance and maintenance of equipment. The following is the maintenance of important parts of the acrylic laser cutting machine. Do the following work, so you have unexpected results Oh.
1, linear guide oil filling. Laser cutting machine to use a period of cutting smoke, dust on the guide has a corrosive effect, so regular maintenance of the guide. The laser cutting machine off the power supply, clean with a clean soft cloth guide clean, and then drip on the guide oil, oil on the slider in the guide to roll back and forth a little to ensure that the lubricant into the slider inside. After the oil in the let the slider in the guide roll back and forth a little, this time shall be the first time to install the guide, pay attention to install the guide do not first fixed, to put all the fixed nails to keep the level, in the belt and the slider fixed, and then the lens installed, dimming a little X go to the way to go finished.
2, reflector, focus mirror wipe. Laser cutting machine after a period of time, smoke will adhere to the surface of the lens, affecting the depth of cut, but also affect the cutting accuracy. Generally in about a week with anhydrous alcohol will be three reflecting mirrors, a focusing mirror carefully wipe clean.
3, bearing oiling. Laser cutting machine uses a large number of bearings, in order to ensure good cutting results, some of the bearings need to be regularly refueled with a clean soft cloth to wipe off the bearing on the floating soil, with a syringe to breathe the oil into the syringe, and then slowly inject the bearing with a needle, slowly rotate the bearing in the oil injection can be.
4, synchronous belt (belt) tension adjustment. Laser cutting machine in the transmission system has a number of synchronous belt, if the synchronous belt is too loose, there will be a ghosting situation, if the synchronous belt is too tight, it will cause the synchronous belt wear. After a period of use, please adjust the synchronous belt tensioning screws, the synchronous belt will be adjusted to the right tension.
5, the maintenance of the laser tube. Acrylic laser cutting machine in the laser tube is the use of circulating water cooling, long-term use, there will be some white scale inside the tube, we can add a small amount of vinegar in the circulating water to remove the water inside the tube, and then use clean water to clean the laser tube internal cycle bad, so the laser tube will be in the best working condition, the life will also be extended.

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